To keep your jewelry looking its best follow these recommendations below:


  • Store jewelry separately to avoid scratching 
  • To reduce the effect of wear, periodically gently wipe away dirt and oil buildup with a soft cloth - preferably a microfiber or jewelry cloth (plain cloth, not the ones with cleaning chemicals built in), and store the jewelry in a dry place. Dirt and oil buildup will temporarily darken the apperance of the jewelry unless cleaned properly. 
  • Protect jewelry from abrasive surfaces, chemicals, and wetness.


  • Stainless Steel: Avoid direct contact with chemicals (lotions, perfumes, chlorine, ETC) as these will contribute to fading. 
  • Brass: Avoid direct contact with water as well as chemicals (lotions, perfumes, makeups, chlorine, ETC) as these will contribute to tarnishing. For gold and rhodium-plated metals, please expect some natural tarnishing over time with wear.  Please be mindful of wearing makeup near jewelry or of getting your plated metal piece wet.
  • Do not sleep in delicate necklaces 


  • Put dainty necklaces in it's own little baggie with the extender chain sticking out of the seal (as it is when I mail it to you), to prevent the chain from knotting up when you travel.